Established in accordance with the provisions of articles L6352-3 and L6352-4 and R6352-1 to R6352-15 of the French Labor Code and Decree of October 23, 1991.

Article 1: Preamble

EURL MLG Solutions is an independent training organization registered under the registration number (registration number pending) with the Prefect of the Île-de-France region.

This regulation applies to all individuals participating in a training course organized by EURL MLG Solutions. It defines the rules of hygiene and safety, the general and permanent rules relating to discipline, as well as the nature and scale of sanctions that may be taken against trainees who contravene them and the procedural guarantees applicable when a sanction is considered.

Every individual must adhere to the terms of this regulation throughout the duration of the training.

Article 2: Scope

This regulation applies to all trainees enrolled and present in a training course provided by EURL MLG Solutions for the entire duration of the course attended and as long as the trainee is present at the training venue.

Each trainee is considered to have accepted the terms of this regulation when attending a training course provided by EURL MLG Solutions and agrees that measures may be taken against them in case of non-compliance.

The provisions of this regulation apply in all premises where training is provided by EURL MLG Solutions.


Article 3: General Principles

Each trainee must also ensure compliance with the rules concerning their personal safety and that of others in force in the establishment where training is provided by EURL MLG Solutions.

When the training takes place in a company or establishment already equipped with internal regulations, the safety and hygiene measures applicable to trainees are those of the latter regulations, in accordance with article R. 922-1 of the French Labor Code.

If a malfunction of the safety system is observed, the trainee must immediately notify the management of the training organization.

Non-compliance with these instructions exposes the individual to disciplinary sanctions.

Article 4: Fire Safety Instructions

In accordance with articles R. 232-12-17 and following of the French Labor Code, fire safety instructions, including a plan showing the location of fire extinguishers and emergency exits, are displayed in the training premises to be known by all trainees.

In the event of an alert, the trainee must cease all training activities and calmly follow the instructions of the authorized representative of the training organization or emergency services.

Article 5: Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs

The introduction or consumption of drugs or alcoholic beverages on the premises is strictly prohibited. Trainees are also prohibited from entering or staying on the premises under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Article 6: No Smoking

The premises where the training provided by EURL MLG Solutions is conducted are completely non-smoking in accordance with Article R. 355-28-1 of the Public Health Code.

Article 7: Accidents

A trainee who is a victim of an accident – occurring during the training or during travel time between the training venue and their home or workplace – or who witnesses such an accident must immediately notify the management of the training organization.

The responsible person of the training organization undertakes the appropriate procedures for care and makes the declaration to the relevant social security fund.


Article 8: Attire and Behaviour

Trainees are expected to present themselves at the training venue in appropriate attire and to behave kindly towards all individuals present during the training session.

Article 9: Training Hours

Trainees must comply with the schedules set and communicated in advance by the training organization. Trainees are required to adhere to these schedules.

Except in exceptional circumstances, trainees may not be absent during training hours.

Additionally, an attendance sheet must be signed by the trainee for each half-day of training.

Article 10: Access to the Training Venue

Unless expressly authorized by EURL MLG Solutions, trainees with access to the training venue to attend their training may not facilitate the entry of third parties into the organization.

Article 11: Educational Documentation

At the end of the training, trainees are required to return the documents provided to them by EURL MLG Solutions, except for educational materials distributed to trainees during the training.

The educational documents provided during the training are protected by copyright. Their reproduction, without the authorization of the training organization, is strictly prohibited. These documents may only be reused for personal purposes.

It is strictly prohibited, unless expressly authorized, to record or film training sessions.

Article 12: Liability of the Training Organization

EURL MLG Solutions disclaims any liability in the event of loss, theft, or damage to personal belongings of any kind brought by trainees to the training venue.

Article 13: Respect for Trainee Data Confidentiality

Trainees and trainers undertake to keep confidential all personal and professional information of the trainees that may come to their knowledge.


Article 14: Sanctions and Disciplinary Procedures

Any breach by the trainee of any provision of this Internal Regulations may result in a sanction or disciplinary procedure governed by articles R 6352-3 to R 6532-8 of the French Labour Code reproduced following Article R6352-3.

A sanction constitutes any measure, other than verbal warnings, taken by the director of the training organization or their representative, following an act by the trainee considered by them as wrongful, whether this measure immediately affects the presence of the individual in the course or jeopardizes the continuity of the training they receive. Fines or other pecuniary sanctions are prohibited.

Any wrongful act may, depending on its nature and severity, result in one or more of the following sanctions:

  • Written warning by the Director of the training organization or their representative;
  • Reprimand;
  • Temporary exclusion from the training;
  • Permanent exclusion from the training.

– Article R6352-4 of the French Labour Code

No sanction may be imposed on the trainee without prior notification of the grievances against them.

– Article R6352-5 of the French Labour Code

When the director of the training organization or their representative considers imposing a sanction that has an immediate or future impact on the trainee’s presence in a training, the following procedure is followed:

  1. The director or their representative summons the trainee indicating the purpose of this meeting. This specifies the date, time, and place of the interview. It is written and is sent by registered letter or delivered to the individual against receipt;
  2. During the interview, the trainee may be accompanied by a person of their choice, including the stage delegate. The summons mentioned in point 1 states this option;
  3. The director or their representative indicates the reason for the proposed sanction and obtains explanations from the trainee.
  • Article R6352-6  of the French Labour Code

The sanction may not be imposed less than one full day or more than fifteen days after the interview. It is the subject of a written and reasoned decision, notified to the trainee by registered letter or delivered against receipt.

  • Article R6352-7 of the French Labour Code

When the act has made it necessary to take a temporary exclusionary measure with immediate effect, no final sanction relating to this act may be taken without observing the procedure provided for in Article R. 6352-4 and, possibly, Articles R. 6352-5 and R. 6352-6.

  • Article R6352-8  of the French Labour Code

The director of the training organization informs of the sanction imposed:

  1. The employer, when the trainee is an employee benefiting from a training course within the framework of a company training plan;
  2. The employer and the approved joint collecting organization that has taken charge of the training expenses, when the trainee is an employee benefiting from an individual training leave;
  3. The approved joint collecting organization that has financed the training course attended by the trainee.


A copy of this regulation is provided to each trainee.